It started with a wedding

In Summer 2023 we got married, and in a bid to put our own stamp on things, we decided to coordinate the flowers ourselves. This meant roping in our garden-savvy family to grow all manner of plants, flora and foliage whilst we came up with the arrangements and presentation.

It was a process that we absolutely loved, and so the concept of The Wee Botanics Company was born, a new platform to let us share our passion with you.

As the name suggests, everything we do is on the ‘wee’ side. We hope that our creations bring you the same kind of joy that they do for us.

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Meet The Team

  • Bellatrix

    Her intelligence and intuition mean Bella has been the boss since day one. She’s also the oldest and wisest of the 3 pups, which helps. Fiercely loyal and always looking out for her crew - she’s the best boss around!

  • Piper

    Her customer relations mantra is simple - you are my best friend, you are all my best friends. Her concept of personal space is interesting (no personal space is required for anyone), but she’s a firecracker and does wonders for staff morale.

  • Suki

    You’ll notice both Piper and Suki are in customer-facing roles. Why? Simple - they both adore people. Suki’s main service to customers is to demand cuddles and belly rubs, but her feedback for customer satisfaction is through the roof.

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Supporting a worthy cause

We are eternally grateful to the amazing charity that rescued Suki, and that is why 10% of all our profits will be donated to the wonderful charity that brought her to the U.K. Saving & Rehoming Strays.